Claire's Glitz and Glam

Can you see my sarcastic face?  Just wanted to make sure you knew I was wearing it.  I picked up this bottle at the same time as Claire's Technopop.  At the time, the pink layer wasn't bleeding into the top or the bottom, that happened after my manicure.  The top layer LOOKED like little beads.  It's not.  It's hexagonal flat silver glitter. The middle layer is the same pink neon glitter from Technopop, and that bottom layer is a beautiful silver rainbow mix.

I used a base of Seche Natural, 3 coats of Glitz and Glam, and a top coat of Seche Vite.  Ready for this one?

LAME.  Three coats didn't even barely get rid of my VNL, and in fact, it just kept dragging the hexagon glitter to the top of my nail.  I was getting frustrated fast.

It's almost a Pepto Bismol pink... This may be nice for your 5 year old daughter but not for me.  I'm not happy with this one either.

Claire's is available world wide or online [official website]