Claire's Technopop

Every time I go to Claire's, I get all excited by their layered nail polish mostly, because I don't "get" it.  What color comes out? Why don't they mix?  Questions!  Normally, all the bottles have been shaken like crazy by the teenieboppers and kids that wander in there, but I saw this (and another) and was all kinds of excited.  It's a little hard to tell, but each layer is not just a neon but also has glitter in it!  SOLD.  I paid $5 but they were having buy one, get one half off at the time.

I used a coat of Seche Retain, 3 coats of Technopop, and a top coat of Seche Vite.  The brush wasn't too bad, but the smell wasn't the most pleasant despite them being big 3 free.  The polish didn't pool in my cuticles but it wasn't very thick either.  I NEEDED 3 coats to get ... well, this.

Blech.  What IS this?  The first two layers were definitely pea soup puke vomit green with sparkles.  In my 3rd layer, I started pulling some of the pink, which you see in the middle of my index, middle and pinkie fingers.

The shade picture isn't much better.  Overall I'm VERY disappointed with this polish, and have half a mind to shake it out of spite.  Not a happy camper here.

Claire's is available world wide or online [official website].