Flying and Nail Polish

Google, you let me down a bit today.

So I'm getting ready to take a trip.  And you KNOW I have to have nail polish.  Last time I flew with nail polish, I had it in my purse - right there, sitting upright.  No one said anything - I didn't even THINK about it.  I realized it when I got to my hotel and my bottle was a bit bubbly.  Not THAT big of a deal, but it wasn't too fun to wait for the bubbles to all go down (it was a bottle of China Glaze Tickle My Triangle for those interested).

My first search hit from Google was from {link removed due to 404 error} - a website I've never heard of...  Not sure when this page was even posted but their Copyright hasn't been updated to 2011, so yeah it's out of date.  But it said that nail polish and nail polish remover were not allowed into carry-ons but could be placed in your checked baggage.

After some Tweets back and forth about it, I decided to call the TSA.  You know - go straight to the source.  I didn't spend that long on hold - and I listened to their automated menus for a bit before realizing if you don't press ANY buttons, it takes you to a live person (oops).  I didn't catch my agent's name but I did have to give my full name and phone number (joy).  He said that as long as it's under the 3.5 ounce requirement and in a quart sized zip lock bag, you can bring your nail polish (and nail polish remover!) in your carry on bags.  No requirements are necessary for your checked luggage.

Then he told me something kinda awesome (for nerds like me).  On the TSA home page, there is a box on the right side that says "Can I bring" and you enter your keyword and hit search.  Now it's not perfect - it just gave me basically the same information as found on their Prohibited Items list, but it was nice to see that.  I've never had a problem with the TSA to date, and this will be my first time traveling with the new body scanners - and I don't even know if the airports I'm flying to/from have them yet...  regardless.  Pack your nail polish and enjoy!

China Glaze Tickle My Triangle