Nfu-Oh 51

I've said it before - I really don't have "lemmings" but Nfu-Oh 51 was my lemming because it was the #1 best seller of Nfu-Oh from FabulouStreet which is the only retailer of Nfu-Oh in the USA.  It's sold out a lot (but it's currently available for sale!).  It's this mix of blue, purple, red, green, yellow flakes in a purple base.  I decided to pull out my makeshift lightbox to try and capture the awesomeness that is this color.


Because this is best used as a layering polish, I tried over CND Blackjack and then over OPI Alpine Snow.  I'm still looking for my perfect 1 coater white, but I don't know that it exists.  I used 2 coats of Nfu-Oh 51 over each color.

This is indirect sun.  Over black, you get either a red or a green flash.  Over white, you really only see a pink flash but the purple base seriously shows its true self.

In the shade, you really only see that burning red over the black, and again a light pink flash from the flakies.

Indoors with the flash - again, lots of red.

Here's indoors without the flash - more of the red/green color.  It reminds me a bit of Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure but this is way more packed with flakies.  I love it!

Nfu-Oh is available for $12.50 at FabulouStreet in the US.  To find out where to find Nfu-Oh in your country, please visit their Community Page.