Algenist Firming & Lifting Intensive Mask

Now, I talked about the Algenist line all the way back in February (holy cow), and finally, I'm letting you know Does It Work?  I got to try the Firming & Lifting Intensive Mask, a 2.7 fl. oz tube of gel that retails for $52.  The ingredients include alguronic acid, propeptide3, jojoba, green tea & vitamin E and is supposed to restore your skin's elasticity, structure and suppleness.  Now I'm not even 30 yet, but I do have some sagging skin around my eyes and as I've gained weight, my cheeks tend to be a little more puffy but otherwise I have some pretty decent skin.

For this mask, you are to apply an even layer to clean, dry skin avoiding the eyes.  Leave on for 10 minutes and then remove using warm water.  Apply once or twice a week.

Now, considering that the system's claim is better skin in 10 days, I did not see results in 10 days of my mask, considering that's only 2 applications.  Instead, I applied once weekly for 2 months (March and April) and then let my skin breathe for a month (May).  This is a downside of testing out skin care products that I've found as a blogger... how do you accurately tell what's going on with your skin?  I'm not a dermatologist, so please note all the opinions in this review, are my own.

So as you can see above, the tube is a pretty good size for the price, and you don't need a lot to cover your face (always a good thing)!  The gel looks like coffee creamer in color and appears to be a thick gel.  I'm pleased to say it was not greasy or oily feeling.

How flattering is this yo?  So here I am with the mask applied.  Once on the skin, the gel is absolutely colorless.  You can see on my right side that I have a few blemishes and overall my skin is a bit red.  My skin has always been "a bit red" but my dermatologist couldn't determine if it was rosacea or not.  (To be honest, I'm looking for a new dermatologist as well).  Now the good about this mask is that it doesn't dry on your face like other face masks I've used, where it's dry and crusty and the mask cracks on your face.  Instead, it just dries clear and it did take a bit of rubbing to get it all off (just splashing with warm water did nothing for me).  I didn't notice any side effects or issues with my skin while using this product.  The blemishes on my face have cleared up, and have stayed cleared up even with discontinuing the product.  Now if that's a cause of the product or anything else, I don't know.  I can't tell any difference in the firmness of my skin and since it wasn't to be used on the eyes, my baggy eye lids and bags under my eyes are still there (darn).

Would I buy this again?  Because $50 is way out of my current price range, the answer is no.  I would love Algenist to come out with a smaller trial kit of all 3 items, maybe a week's worth?  This way people can test the whole system and see if it really works for them.  Only having one product gives me a bit of a disadvantage when it's the whole system that really treats your skin.  Edit:  Hah, so now they DO offer a "trial" set for $65.  Now THIS I think is worth it.

As far as masks, I love that it's a clear, odorless gel but on the other hand, it's hard to tell if you missed a spot on your skin.

Algenist Firming & Lifting Intensive Mask ($52) can be purchased at Sephora.

Disclosure: The product[s] in this post was [were] provided to me by the company for consideration.  For more information, please read this post.