CPNALV: Focus On Social Media Democracy

Seriously people, only 39 days before I'm in Vegas, reporting to you on what's coming up for the rest of 2012 and a few sneak peeks into 2013.  Oh yes.  I'm giddy thinking about it.  Honestly, the next 60 days of my life seem to be pretty fantastic - I have a lot going on.

Today, I have a treat.  Now, this press release is from April but since then, one panel member has been replaced... by MOI.  Yes, I will be part of the following press release, with my expertise (sweet!) on social media.  

Here's my little bio that will be available to those who are attending the panel.  (Whoa, girl needs head shots... cough)

Krystal Seidel | PolishGalore | Founder/Blogger - Krystal Seidel is a working mother in South Texas who's passion for nail polish has blossomed into the nail blog Polish Galore.  She started writing about beauty and fashion as a Teen People trendspotter in 2000 and has been recently been featured in Rite Aid's Glam Camp publications.  Krystal helped create one of the first Facebook game applications, (fluff)Friends, in 2007 and utilized various social networking programs to help (fluff)Friends grow to over 10 million installs in its lifetime.

Yeah buddy.

Now for the rest of the press release.  (For those keeping score, I'm replacing Jeremy Thompson, who will be giving a different conference at the same time).  Images courtesy of Y! PR.


Las Vegas, NV (April 26, 2012) – Popular social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are changing the way consumers interact with brands on a daily basis. This instant, digital platform has paved the way to encourage consumers to engage and provide feedback within the online community. Although this idea might present opportunistic discussion, what happens when this open channel of communication results in less than positive feedback from the public – how should a brand respond?

Join Cosmoprof North America (CPNA) and four social media savvy influentials as they shed some light on how to handle the communication process between brands and the public, whether it is positive or negative feedback. Moderated by Brad Masterson, Vice President of Y Public Relations, the “Join the Social Media Democracy” session will be held at Cosmoprof North America on Tuesday, July 24, 2012 from 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.

Patrick McIvor | Matrix Professional Haircare & Color | Color Director – Named the Best Hair Colorist by Allure Magazine, this tireless trendspotter is involved in social media, educational, technical and philanthropic initiatives for Matrix, which has gained more than 300,000 online followers. In addition, he is one of the hairstylist pioneers in the social media community. McIvor began sharing with fellow professionals via Facebook, Twitter and YouTube early on, and today his online connection strategies serve as the success model for both salons and individual stylists.

Megan Segura | DailyMakeover.com | Associate Editor – Segura is responsible for reporting on the latest beauty and hair trends, as well as managing the social media channels like Facebook and Twitter for Daily Makeover, which receives more than three million readers a month. When she isn’t covering market events, Segura helps extend Daily Makeover’s reach by working with outside beauty bloggers. From basic makeup to luxurious skin treatments, she shares her love for all with beauty junkies and product fanatics, otherwise known as the Daily Makeover community.

Jaime Richards | BellaSugar.com | Acting Editor – For the past four years, Richards has been writing about all-things beauty for the San Francisco based website, BellaSugar.com. BellaSugar is part of the Sugar Network, which receives an impressive 26 million visitors a month. By engaging and connecting with the ever-changing online community, Richards has experienced first-hand the direct feedback given by the readers of the site. She not only participates in the discussion, but also elicits feedback from her audience in regard to the content she posts daily.

Cosmoprof North America will take place July 22 - 24, 2012 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, NV.  Stay tuned for regular CPNA show updates, and for more information, visit cosmoprofnorthamerica.com and Facebook.com/cosmoprofnorthamerica.