Nail Polish Monthly Subscriptions

When I was a little girl, I used to really want to be included in a "x of the Month" club where I'd get samples of the product each month mostly because I loved getting mail ^_^.  I never knew it would turn into such a booming business!

With the popularity of monthly subscription beauty services like Birchbox and Glossybox, nail polish lovers were feeling the cold shoulder.  I was talking to a dear friend this summer about how I'd love to launch a nail polish only monthly subscription service and how it would be a great way for people to try new brands without traveling to different stores or shopping blindly online.

Fast forward a few months and I've now heard of three such companies launching this year!

Photo Courtesy of Lacquerous's Facebook Page

Lacquerous will be launching soon and is centered around "Luxury Lacquer ".  Right now, it's under an invite only and I have a referral link here.  They haven't fully explained what the referral links are for, so if you prefer the main sign up website, it's located here.  Judging from Lacquerous's Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Tumblr accounts, brands featured should be on par with butter LONDON, Tom Ford, Chanel, OPI, MAC, Dior, NARS and Dolce & Gabbana.  Price has not been announced nor has international capability.  This company is based out of New York, USA.

Update 11/13/12!
The "How it Works" has been posted. Think "Netflix for Nails".  For $18 a month, you receive 3 new or slightly used nail polishes from your queue that you are allowed to use 3 times/3 manicures.  Then, within 30 days, you mail the polishes back to Lacquerous in a pre-paid package.  They will measure how many polish has been used to keep track.  Some polishes may be purchased by emailing their customer service (but not limited edition).  You only get one package per 30 days, even if you return your package before the 30 days are up.  Only available for 18+, living in the USA.  Please be sure to read the full Terms of Service - a credit check may be obtained in order to subscribe to their service.

Photo Courtesy of Club Nail Polish's Facebook Page
Club Nail Polish is launching in 33 days and is more like a "x of the Month" club.  The image above shows bottle shapes that resemble butter LONDON, deborah lippmann (or is that the new NYX Professional bottles?), LVX/NARS, Ciate, OPI and Pixi, & their Facebook includes pictures of Sephora by OPI, Nicole by OPI, Essie and NYX (drugstore bottles).  Their website is still in the pre-launch stage where you can only sign up for their newsletter with your email address.  They are offering giveaways with your sign up although further details are not available.  Their Facebook also says that you will receive "a surprise color of nail color monthly" and that it is "not costly" to join.  Price has not been announced but their Twitter does say it will be available for USA and Canada residents.  This company is based out of Washington, USA.

Update 01/26/2014
This brand never seemed to have launched. Sorry folks :[

While not quite a nail polish only subscription, Nail Art Society is working on its launch as well.  They have a website, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest.  They are offering nail art tools, accessories and polishes for $9.95 a month.  This is available in the USA only.  This company is based out of California, USA.

The sign up page is located here and there are 3 payment plans - monthly ($9.95/mo), quarterly ($29.85/quarter) and yearly ($99.40/year).  Brands included on their website are China Glaze, LVX, Zoya, butter LONDON, OPI, essie and The Creme Shop.  They are in talks to make this service available to Canada and Europe for the near future.

Update 12/7/12! 
Nail Art Society has doubled their current prices. If you're a member who signed up during the $9.95 plan, they kept you at that but going forward the prices are $19.95 monthly, $59.85 quarterly and $219.40 yearly. According to their new description of the service, all Nail Art Society Members have exclusive access to Q&A’s, video tutorials, trend reports, and tips from Celebrity Nail Artists, Bloggers and Beauty Insiders.

Update 9/9/13!
Nail Art Society shut down for the summer of 2013 and completely reformatted their back end, including adding new Gurus like yours truly! Price is back to $9.95 with an additional $4.95 in shipping.

Update 10/17/13!
Gurus have been remaned to "Renowned Artists". The price has increased to $11.95 with an additional S&H charge. My referral link is located here.

Update 08/28/14!
Nail Art Society has shut down & removed its social media.

For those interested in the Julep Maven, I did want to include them.  They first launched in August 2011 as a Julep brand only subscription box.  You take a "Style Quiz" to match you up with one of 4 programs but they also offer special boxes from time to time.  You may also change your style at any time.  They had multiple issues with their referral program which has been revamped twice now, subscribers getting the wrong box or being charged twice, and issues with canceling the program (which can ONLY be done over their phone number 877.651.3292, citing security reasons).  Thankfully, I haven't had issues of being charged twice or receiving the wrong box, but I did have issues with the original referral program where I didn't receive all my credits.  With the new referral system, you receive points or Jules for different transactions: "1,000 Jules for referring a friend to Julep Maven, 300 Jules for each full priced Maven box you are billed for, 200 Jules on your Birthday, 500 Jules on your Maven anniversary, 750 Jules when you pay for the monthly upgrade box. You even get 100 points just for becoming a Maven!" [Julep's website].  My referral link is located here.  As for the customer service, I haven't had issues but you can find both positive and negative comments by searching Google.  Price is $19.99 + tax and is available for USA and Canada residents.  Julep's social pages are as follows: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and YouTube.  This company is based out of Washington, USA.

Update 1/26/14
It has come to my attention that new members (as on 12/18/13) are only allowed to "skip" a box every 6 months. Previously, you could skip a box whenever you felt like it, either because you didn't have the money that month or didn't like the choices offered.

Photo Courtesy of Square Hue Facebook Page

Square Hue is another monthly nail polish service featuring colors they have created themselves (much like Julep).  Each month, they send out three pre-selected colors that they feel are in season.  The polishes are 0.5 fl oz (same size as China Glaze or OPI), and are big 4 free (to include Camphor).  They do not say they are vegan, but they do not test on animals and their polish is made in the USA.

Price is $14.99 + $5 for shipping/handling. If you live in Florida, you will also have to pay sales tax. You may suspend or cancel your subscription at any time.  Additionally, a portion of their proceeds goes to charity - the current focus is on human trafficking.

Square Hue has a Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest for you to interact with.  They are located in Miami, Florida.  They ship to both the USA & Canada.

Launching in 2013, the Nail Collection is a monthly subscription where you receive 4 luxurious polishes for $30 a month. Brands include a mix of Essie, OPI, China Glaze and ORLY and they plan to add more brands. International shipping is available. Additionally, you will be able to buy individual colors with most orders shipping free.  This service is based out of New York, USA.

The Nail Collection currently has a Facebook and a Twitter.

Update 9/9/2013: The Nail Collection send out an email today stating they are going out of business & all orders placed that have not been shipped will be fully refunded within the next 48 hours.

Announced on 8/31/2013, nail e-tailer Llarowe will be curating a subscription called "A Box, Indied." This is a month to month subscription that can be opted out each month. Left over stock boxes will also be available for purchase for those who aren't subscribed on a first come first serve basis.

Each box will contain 5 full sized polishes the above indie polish lines that have not been produced before and are exclusive to the A Box, Indied box. 

Price per box will be $50 and free shipping in the USA. In the next 6 months, Llarowe hopes to have free shipping available in other countries. Currently, to qualify for free shipping from Llarowe for Canadian orders, you must purchase $100 in product, for international orders, you much purchase $200 in product.

The 10 indie brands are (Facebook pages have been linked): Liquid Sky Lacquer, Black Cat Lacquer, Different Dimension, Ethereal Lacquer, Jindie Nails, Freak Show Polish, Dollish Polish, Laqerlicious, Wicked Polish and PolishMeToGo.

Nailette launched in October 2013 and creator Lynn was looking for a way to provide customers with something that all the above subscription boxes lacked - mini bottles. Nailette sends customers 2 or 3 mini-sized bottles of nail polish in colors based on their skin tone, style and current trends. At launch, they carried Essie, OPI and Orly. Boxes are $7.99 for 2 minis and $10.99 for three minis + $2.50 for shipping. You are on a monthly schedule and will be billed on the 20th of each month.  You can also select a gift option of 3 months at a time ($29.97 for 2 minis, $40.47 for 3 minis). The only ship within the continental USA at this time.

Nailette social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Pinterest.

POLISHBOX is the only nail polish subscription service that will bring you the complete nail care experience. Unfortunately, that's all the information I have.

Their website redirects to a sign up page where you can get more information when they launch. They are also on Twitter and Instagram.

The Lacquer Cabinet by Nailtini debuts its first collection in February 2014 at rates of $25 per month, $23/month for a 6-month subscription, or $20/month for a 12-month subscription. A true happy hour for hands, each collection offers an over- $44 retail value plus free shipping, and members enjoy up to 15% off all ‘Tini Beauty products at for the life of their subscriptions. USA only.

The Monthly Nail subscription box is the first of it’s kind to offer an in-house indie nail polish brand, Eugene Malibu, as well as the salon brands O.P.I. and Essie. They take it a HUGE step further by allowing subscribers to completely customize your Eugene Malibu nail polish to your exact specifications as well as choosing which color of the salon brand you would like to include. By filling out the form on the website, you can choose the base color and finish, the color and shapes of glitters to include or not include, and you can even decide on the name of your nail polish creation! 

With basic subscriptions starting at $15.99 for two custom lacquers up to $23.99 for four custom and salon brand nail polishes, there is a price to accommodate every budget. Prices include first-class USPS shipping with tracking for domestic members or a low flat rate shipping fee for international subscribers. Plans to expand and offer more options are in the near future.

International and domestic subscriptions can be purchased now at

PISTOL is a subscription-based nail polish brand where you receive 2 full sized polishes each month based on the company's color trend studies. PISTOL polish is made in the USA, cruelty free, FDA approved and Big-4 free. You can choose either a monthly subscription for $17.99 (shipping included) or $199.99 for a one year subscription. No information is available on how to cancel or if you can purchase polishes ala carte afterwards. 

PISTOL social media: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest

Nailbox launched their own subscription box in 2014 called "TrendBox" which is curated by well known nail bloggers like All Lacquered Up and Chalkboard Nails. The box contains a mix of brand polishes on their website as well as premium brands (like JINSoon). There are 2 subscription plans - $35 for quarterly (excluding $6 for shipping) or $140 for an annual subscription (shipping included).  Subscribers can preview the upcoming box for 2 weeks before it ships and skip a box if they'd like.

Nailbox social media: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

And there you have it!  As I find out more information about each company, I'll update this posting.  Happy polishing!