Creative Bioscience Challenge: Check In 2

I am not a doctor.  The following post is written with my opinions and the information provided from the Creative Bioscience website.  You should discuss any weight loss treatment with your doctor before you start it.  

Have you missed me?  ^_^ I have lots coming up in December which was planned in November, hence my absence.  However, I've been keeping up with my African Mango 1200TM pills!  I am now 60 days into my 90 Day Weight Loss Challenge from Creative Bioscience who is sponsoring my product trial of African Mango 1200TM for 90 days in my effort to lose weight.

Now, last month I hadn't gained or lost any weight but also hadn't done anything to aid in my weight loss (gym, eating healthier) so November was going to be my month to work out!  Well, that was the plan at least.

Out of the 30 days of November, I worked out 3 of them.  I went to Zumba with a co-worker and was ready to kick butt but ended up with tight calf muscles that wouldn't relax so I called it quits until I could build up a bit more stamina.  When I say wouldn't relax, I'm not exaggerating.  They were rock hard and it hurt to walk so it was in my best interest to stop exercising to let them heal.  Additionally, the gym I have a membership with is changing EVERYTHING about how they do business, and so I will not be staying with them.

I did have my Engagement/Save The Date photo session with Macy Ryan Photography [Website | Facebook] and I was so happy with her that I booked her for my wedding as well.  She shoots in both South Texas & Central Florida in case you're located in either of those areas.  Here is the first shot that she had to share with us.

Photo Courtesy of Macy Ryan Photography

Now for my update!  I decided to stay off the scale until yesterday and to my dismay I've gained 2 pounds since last month.  However, I am feeling MUCH more full during the day and don't snack like I used to and I have gone down about a dress size, so I'm losing inches, just not weight.

December is going to be a VERY busy month for me - not only do I have the holidays (we celebrate Christmas) but the week prior is my birthday!  I also have a few surprise items that will be popping up, including my 3 year Blog-iversary!  Yes, PolishGalore is turning 3 this month and I have a LOT of cool things that I'll be giving away.  I will continue taking my capsules and have a wrap up for you next month!

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