What did you do on 12.12.12?

Sorry I've been a bit quiet - I told you December would be super busy!  This week is my birthday (woo!) and then next week is Christmas... then the next week is New Year's!

But more importantly in my life, I had a special 12.12.12.  Why?


We had planned this about 3 weeks prior to just elope on this special day, I got my dress, the guys got tuxedos, my boss graciously let me use her beautiful home and gorgeous yard, a close friend (who is a minister) performed the ceremony, my dad walked me to Ryan, I had Macy Ryan Photography take amazing photos, and I had a small handful of friends there to celebrate.

My wedding manicure was nubar Purple Aster, a light lavender pearl, and my pedicure was LVX Legendaire which is a slightly grey lavender creme.  I was super happy with all of it!