FTC Updates to Disclosure Regulations

Image Courtesy of 15 Minute Beauty Fanatic

Because nothing is simple anymore.

The FTC has decided to update its Disclosure Regulations in regards to the dot com'ers. You are more than welcome to read the 50+ page PDF here.

The gist is that the FTC wants to make sure that when I got something for free, then YOU KNOW I GOT IT FREE.  They also don't want me to use an affiliate link without you realizing HEY, IF YOU CLICK HERE AND BUY SOMETHING, I WILL GET SOMETHING IN RETURN. (For the record, the ONLY affiliate link on PolishGalore is my Julep Maven subscription link in the blog posting here.)

Any other links on PolishGalore are just straight from Google, nothing hidden, nothing that will give me a kick back, nada.

Any time I use a product that was given to me by the company or the public relations firm that represents the company, you'll see a disclosure at the bottom of that blog posting about it. You can also read it on my Legals posting here or on my About Me page here.  Additionally, my spreadsheet has every Press Sample listed as "PR" if it was indeed a press sample bottle.

NEW! Now after the product picture that I post, you will see one of the two following buttons.

Clicking on either button will take you to my legals page.  Many thanks to 15 Minute Beauty Fanatic. Note: You will only see the actual button on my website. The CSS will not show up on mobile or in an RSS reader although the link and wording will.
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