Poop out on Popularity

Maybe I just wanted to say the word "poop" in a blog posting.  Maybe I'm steamed that more and more companies are making everything to be about popularity.  Maybe a little bit of both.

Earlier this week, I received a PR pitch about a company's contest to be held on Facebook.  The gist was that you had to have the most likes on a Facebook wall posting in order to win a really awesome prize (a prize, by the way, that I've been dreaming of since I was 16 years old).  I swallowed that dream moment and decided to write back the company and let them know that this is WAY against Facebook's Terms of Service and as much as I want to compete and win, I cannot participate.

Really?  Really.  Straight from Facebook. (click to see larger)

Letter "v".

Now, I additionally work for a public relations firm myself.

And it's HARD to get fans to engage with you sometimes! But breaking Facebook rules isn't the answer because it can get your Page removed.

Additionally, I just hate popularity contests. I hate bugging everyone I know to please "comment on this photo" or "share this status" or "like this page". Also I refuse to pay people to like/share/comment for me (oh yes, this happens more than you know).  I don't like losing either - and frankly, I lose a lot when it comes to popularity.  (Except that ONE TIME I won Miss Congeniality in the same scholarship pageant that Eva Longoria won years ago. Seriously. Yes it was the last sentence in the article but I was proud of it.)

A dear friend from The Plastic Diaries wrote a similar posting today, which sparked mine.  Please click on her logo to be directed to her blog posting.

And now I'm off for an evening of Zumba and later - blogging. I want to try out my new buttons.

Oh yes, and

Nothing To Disclose