iFabbo Social Media Conference: October 12, 2013

Image via iFabbo Facebook Page

Earlier this year, iFabbo announced that they would be having a Social Media Conference in San Francisco, California this coming October. I have been a member of iFabbo since June 2011 but have never really taken full advantage of my membership, including the wealth of knowledge that is available to bloggers.

I met iFabbo owner Sinead Norenius last year in Vegas during Cosmoprof North America 2012 and after talking a little back and forth with her and looking at my schedule and available airports, I decided to just go for it and booked my ticket.

This will be my first blogger oriented convention, and I look forward to the different panels. In addition to my day job, being a mom, and writing for PolishGalore, I'm also the Social Media Strategy & Development Manager for Y! Public Relations and I'm a social media contractor for another public relations firm, so this trip will play double duty in helping my blogger duty and in my PR jobs.

So what if you want to go too? First, you must be a member of iFabbo already. Secondly, get your ticket here. Presale ticket prices have expired so the current price is $100 USD. Please note that the cost at the door will be $175.

Next, get your airfare and hotel figured out. I had booked everything before iFabbo came out with the handy "where to stay" cheat sheet and opted for a hotel closer to the airport that has an airport shuttle. However, I will have to get from the hotel to the conference venue, the Merchants Exchange Building (465 California Street San Francisco, CA 94104). I am highly considering Uber. I used to work for one of their strategic advisers and have only heard good things about them. It will cost me about $100 in car fares but knowing that I have a car that will be right where I need it, when I need it, without having to fumble with cash or cards? Priceless. I do have a referral link here where if you use it for a ride, we will both get a $10 credit. And this is not just for San Fran, Uber is in 41 cities globally.  

The rest is up to you. I am going to be getting new business cards through Moo - which I have a referral link here which gives me $7.50 if you place your first order, and you get 10% off said order.  Go crazy!

Are you going to iFabbo's Social Media Conference? Have you been to a blogger conference before?