Layla Gel

I have a love/hate relationship with gel polish - can you blame me? But one of the coolest things to come out of the polish world is gel effect polish without the light.  Say what?  Yes, seriously!

Layla Gel Effect Nail Polish is the revolutionary new gel nail polish that does not need a UV lamp to dry and has a long lasting brightness and luster similar to what you get in the salon!  This unique at home gel polish comes in 12 vibrant colors and has the performances of a semi- permanent gel polish in terms of brilliance, scratchless and is a ridge filler!

What Makes Layla Gel Effect different?
The Layla Gel Effect Nail Polish has the shine and color of a salon gel polish with the ease and simplicity of using it at home without a UV lamp! As with all Layla nail polishes, no base coat needed and 3 free!

This polish will last up to 12 days and dries in 3 minutes flat! The Layla Gel Nail Polish has extreme brightness, an amazing filling power, and a silky and ultra smooth texture. The Gel Effect Nail Polish comes in 12 gorgeous shades!

How to Use Layla Gel Effect:

  1. Add two coats of the new Layla Gel Effect Nail Polish
  2. No UV lamp  needed
  3. Let dry for 3 minutes and enjoy this gorgeous semi-permanent Gel Polish for up to 12 days!
  4. Add favorite Top Coat (optional).   We recommend our Layla Eco Base and Fix
  5. Easily removed with regular nail polish remover

Gel Effect is available at / and retails for $10.00