July 4th Nail Art with CND VINYLUX!

For once this year, I will be out celebrating the 4th of July and so I knew that I needed some rocking nails. Because I will be out of town, I wanted something with lasting power and what better nail polish to use than long lasting CND VINYLUX Weekly Polish?

I decided to go for a water marble for my test run and the results were definitely neat. I'm my own worst enemy and I have some ideas on how to improve but for now, check out what I did!

To prep, I started with clean nails and got my supplies ready.

I have my favorite polish remover, cotton pads and clean up brush for clean up, regular petroleum jelly with cotton swabs to prep my skin with, orange sticks, glass of tap water and CND VINYLUX in Rouge Red, Cream Puff and Blue Rapture. The last bottle is the CND VINYLUX Weekly Top Coat.

To start, I applied 2 thin coats of Cream Puff. Now, you can see it's a tad streaky, and possibly a 3rd coat would even this all out but I wasn't too concerned - I just wanted a base to marble on.

Then I marbled. I tried a number of variations, including not adding white, alternating white between the red and the blue, and attempting to swirl the colors completely. What transpired was a different design on each nail.

I'm not sure which nail I love the most. They all were so unique in their own way. I was really impressed with the Top Coat, as this was my first trial run with it, and my nails were dry enough to go to bed within 30 minutes. For a long lasting product like this, I expected it to take longer to dry but CND states that the top coat dries in just 8.5 minutes. 

One mistake that I made was that I didn't cap the tips of my nails. I'm at the stage where my length is too long for typing in my day job, leading to tip wear immediately. Because of my tip wear, I had to remove my design but it all works out because I'm getting a manicure before the trip so I can water marble again.  I also got some great tips on my Facebook, including to use a smaller cup and try bottled water. I look forward to marbling again VERY soon.

You can purchase CND VINYLUX for $9.90 per bottle at select salons.

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