Spring 2015 New York Fashion Week - CND

Continuing with my Spring 2015 coverage of New York Fashion Week was the always talented, CND! Images courtesy of CND.

Global leader in professional nail care designs exclusive runway looks for Fashion Week

New York, NY (September 7, 2014) – CND, the global leader in professional nail care, showcased a dreamy water-inspired nail design tonight at Opening Ceremony’s Spring/Summer 2015 Fashion Show at the Metropolitan Opera House in New York City. The unique show was a hybrid fashion experience – equal parts runway show and theatrical play – that spoke to the simplicity of adolescent dreams and innocence. With architectural silhouettes and water prints composed of typewriter copy, the clothing explored the idea of new vs. old technology, while the nails completed the story with lush, saturated color and references to flowing water.

“When we heard Opening Ceremony’s creative vision for this collection, we were ecstatic,” said CND Co-founder and Style Director Jan Arnold. “The colors and concepts fall perfectly in line with CND’s Spring 2015 trend story, which is all about unplugging from today’s digital world and embracing the simpler things. Sun-bleached tones and dreamy watercolor paintings emerge from a heightened sensitivity to the perfection of nature. Nails are easy and softly squared – as wearable and simple as a barefoot stroll through the grass.”

The nails presented at the Opening Ceremony show were a collaborative effort between the elite artists of the CND Design Lab Team, Opening Ceremony and their design consultant, celebrity nail artist Naomi Yasuda. The handmade works of art were created using VINYLUX® Weekly Polish and CND® Additives in greens and pinks inspired by CND’s Spring 2015 color collection, as well as black, for three unique hues of the same pixelated water prints. 

“The nails that CND designed, in collaboration with Naomi Yasuda, for us this season were the perfect finishing touch to our overall story,” said Opening Ceremony designer Humberto Leon. “We wanted this show to transport the audience to that moment when you’re lying by the pool staring at the sun and you fade into a half-sleep fantasy world where everything becomes blurry and dreamlike.”

“We chose to partner with Opening Ceremony this season because we love their unconventional and experimental approach to fashion,” said Arnold. “Carol and Humberto touch a global community and are making high fashion accessible to the masses. This speaks to the core of what CND is all about! With nail design, you can elevate your look with the stroke of a brush – and we empower women around the world to embrace nails as their ultimate fashion accessory.”

Global leader in professional nail care designs exclusive runway looks for Fashion Week

CND, the global leader in professional nail care, unveiled an eclectic assortment of eye-catching nail designs tonight at Libertine’s Spring/Summer 2015 Fashion Show at Lincoln Center in New York City. The clothing and nails represented elements of both punk rock and royalty. Best described as contemporary couture, this first-time fashion collaboration made for a unique and startling artistic clash of texture and color from head to toe. 

“We are absolutely thrilled to be collaborating with Libertine this season,” said CND Co-founder and Style Director Jan Arnold. ”The moment I walked into the design studio, I knew we were all set up for success. Every piece of clothing was an exceptional work of art with a playful and artistic perspective – and our team designed the most spectacular nails to finish off the looks!”

“Working with CND this season has been a jangly, sparkling experience,” said Libertine designer Johnson Hartig. “When we first sat down to talk concepts with Jan and the team I expected to have one uniform nail look across the board. It was fantastic when they came back with three concepts that I really loved.  The nails were the exclamation point for the collection.  CND brought their unparalleled nail artistry to the table and completely nailed it…if you’ll pardon the pun.”

The nails presented at the Libertine show were a brilliant counterpart to the embellished and perfectly deconstructed pieces of clothing that walked down the runway. The handmade works of art, created by the elite artists of the CND Design Lab Team, were constructed on medium length, almond shaped nails, painted with VINYLUX® Weekly Polish and tricked out with unconventional materials like seed bead tassels and crystals. Some models sported jewel-encrusted lettering that spelled out “LIBERTINE!” across both hands, while other models showcased a unique look on each fingertip, including a hand-sculpted skull with a moveable jaw and accented with a gold tooth, created entirely from CND® Liquid & Powder. 

“Johnson has changed the way fashion thinks of graphics, deconstruction of the classic and recycled clothing,” said Arnold. “Through his vision, Libertine has altered the status quo in the fashion world – and that exactly what CND continues to do in the nail industry. We’re the perfect match!”

Global leader in professional nail care designs exclusive runway looks for Fashion Week


CND, the global leader in professional nail care, unveiled 20 unique nail designs tonight at The Blonds Spring/Summer 2015 Fashion Show at MILK Studios in New York City. The Blond girl this season was a “Gangsta Genie” who always gets what she wishes for. With a modern twist on a variety of cultural references, the clothing and nails pushed the boundaries of artistry and resulted in a theatrical experience of exaggerated glamour. 

“We are so excited to continue this long-standing fashion partnership with yet another spectacular show this season,” said CND Co-founder and Style Director Jan Arnold. “The Blonds’ aesthetic for this collection correlated perfectly with CND’s Summer 2015 trend story, which is all about sculpted and dramatic silhouettes and intense seductive hues for a mysterious contrast of color and texture. CND and The Blonds just get each other – we’re like family at this point!”

CND took nail design to a whole new level for The Blonds, fully accessorizing each look that walked down the runway with a distinct over-the-top nail style on every model. The elite team of artists handcrafted the nails and their dramatic embellishments with CND® Liquid & Powder and BRISA® Gel. Then, layers of high-shine color were applied using CND® SHELLAC® brand 14+ day nail color and VINYLUX® Weekly Polish in saturated tones with accents of gold throughout. CND blinged out the innovative 3D looks with unconventional materials, including filigrees, oversized gold chains, medallions, tassels, lace, porcelain and over ten thousand stones, gems and jewels. The lavish designs, which took over 500 hours to create in the CND Design Lab, truly represented CND’s unique partnership with The Blonds and showcased their unrivaled artistry at New York Fashion Week.

“CND’s nail designs blow our minds more and more every season,” said The Blonds designer David Blond. “Jan and team continue to look well beyond the nails themselves and find ways to accessorize our designs to complete the full story on the runway. They continue to amaze us with their creativity and ability to tap into our overall vision!”

 “We have worked with The Blonds since 2008 because we love their fun, high energy vibe and their willingness to let us into their magical world as true artistic partners,” said Arnold. “Working with them is such an inspiring process, and this gang of genies really personified the essence of our collaboration!”