China Glaze Sally Beauty Supply Exclusive 2015

Nothing To Disclose

A couple of weeks ago on Facebook, someone posted about finding new glitters at Sally Beauty Supply so of course, I had to find out more! So last year, you may remember that China Glaze quietly released a set of 6 polishes that were Ulta exclusive: Ultra-Violet, Be Bright Back, Sweet Talk To Me, Cons-Ulta my Manicurist, Diamond In The Rough, and Golden Seal. 

This year, China Glaze has released a set of 8 glitters that are Sally Beauty Supply exclusive! They were quietly added into the China Glaze core line when Sally Beauty Supply remodeled their nails section into the "Nail Studio". They are not limited edition, so feel free to snatch them when you can.

The colors are:

You're Too Sweet
Light pink microglitter in a clear base with rainbow reflective microglitter.

Turn Up The Heat
Magenta, light pink and purple small glitter in a slightly tinted base.

Counting Carats
Gold microglitter with small gold glitter and rainbow reflective microglitter in a clear base.

Pick Me Up Purple
Small lilac glitter with rainbow reflective microglitter in a clear base.

Can You Sea Me?
Light blue microglitter with small rainbow reflective glitter in a slightly tinted base.

Give Me The Green Light!
Aqua and grass green microglitter in a slightly tinted base. Dries matte. Swatch stick has top coat but this is a hungry glitter that eats top coat.

Star Hopping
Dark navy blue and silver microglitter with rainbow reflective microglitter in slightly dark tinted base.

Silver of Sorts
Small and medium silver glitter in a clear base.

Obviously, these aren't the official polish descriptions and rather what I just see with my eyes. I also swatched all polishes on sticks for my Cup O Sticks - 2 coats each with a top coat. I'm still not sure how I want to wear some of these - with a pretty nude undie? By themselves? All polishes were pretty much opaque in just 2 coats, so you can wear them alone but removal might not be as much fun.

What colors stand out to you the most? I really liked You're Too Sweet, Give Me The Green Light! and Silver of Sorts.

China Glaze [Website] [Facebook] [Twittercan be found online through several etailers, however, this collection is exclusive to Sally's Beauty Supply.