KBShimmer I'm So Sweet Pea

Press Sample 

How do you like your crelly? Part of the KBShimmer 2015 Spring collection was a line of crelly polishes. KBShimmer defines a crelly as a polish finish that can be layered to cover the nail line, but still has sheerness to allow glitters to show through. People have a million ways they like to wear crellies. Some like to use a base color that is similar to the crelly so they don't have to use many coats. Others like to invert their bottles upside down to allow the glitters to fall closer to the brush. Still others like to just layer coat after coat until opaque (KBShimmer recommends 3 thin coats for her crellies).

Today I have KBShimmer I'm So Sweet Pea from the Spring 2015 collection. This is a pale purple base with glitters in pink, mint, purple and turquoise. The glitter ranges in small to large. I used a base coat of Duri Rejuvacote, 3 thin coats of polish and finished with KBShimmer Clearly On Top.

I follow the "invert your bottle" train of theory so 30 minutes prior to applying, I put my bottle upside down to allow the glitters to fall towards the top of the bottle. Does it really work? Well, I'm not a scientist, but I prefer it.

So I didn't have ANY sun, so this photos is from my light box. You can see that I don't have many large glitters on my pinkie but they are showing up on the other nails. I paint my nails from pinkie to thumb so it took a bit for my brush to get loaded properly with glitter.

Outside in the shade and the light purple base really looks more milky white to me. I still like it but it's not nearly as purple as I would have preferred.

In indirect light, you can see the pale lavender base a little better. Crellies take patience, so don't just glop your polish on. I do think it's quite pretty but I may prefer for this to be more of an accent nail than a full manicure.

KBShimmer [website] can be purchased through their website for those in the United States and through Harlow and Co for international sales. Prices range from $5.50 to $8.75. Connect with KBShimmer through their social media networks: FacebookTwitterInstagram and Pinterest.

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