FingerPaints Holographic Top Coat

Nothing To Disclose

So yesterday was all about a decent lavender creme. Today is all about making it holographic. I know that holographic powder is all the rage right now, but that requires a gel top coat and I don't feel like removing gel polish right now. Granted, my SteamOff machine from Katie Cazorla makes quick work of it, but still. Instead, I busted out the FingerPaints Holographic Top Coat that came out in 2016.

I used just one coat of this over my existing manicure and didn't top coat it. Normally I would but I knew that I wanted to see the holo for now.

Even though you can see a pretty definitely flame pattern in the bottle, this is really more of a scattered holo on the nail. I was surprised because I thought I'd see more of a flame, but overall, I'm happy with it.

FingerPaints [Facebook] [Twitter] [Blog]  is found exclusively at Sally Beauty Supply. Cost is $5.99 per bottle or $5.49 for Beauty Club Card holders.