Kiss My Lash: Lash Extensions

Press Sample

Recently, a local photographer put out a request for someone to do a fun shoot with her and I volunteered. More on that later, but one of the things that I wanted to try was getting lash extensions. I rarely wear makeup but I do love the way I look with mascara or when I have on strip lashes.

Lash extensions hadn't really been on my radar until recently. I have two friends, both licensed cosmetologists who apply lash extensions but I didn't really understand the process or the cost behind it. Then Krys from Kiss My Lash contacted me about her new location and special for first time lashes.

Kiss My Lash is located in Kingsville, Texas inside the Legends Cuts Barber Shop. She takes appointments through Acuity Scheduling which is great for someone who's busy like me AND you can even pay in advance which is awesome. The promotion at press time is $100 for your first set of lashes, which is about a 2 hour process.

The Process

Here is my before. As you can see, I have pretty decent lashes - nothing super good or bad about them. They are normal length, pretty decently spaced, and a decent color. When you get lash extensions, you have to arrive with zero makeup on so here I am in all my glory. You also have to make sure you take out any contact lenses you're wearing so be prepared for that. Krys thankfully had a clean case with solution available for me. She additionally puts on this lip mask - it was refreshing and didn't have any kind of taste or tingling.

So I've seen people in this set up before and it has always scared me to death. Like - how are your eyes covered? Where does that pad under your eyes go? What's up with the tape on the eyebrows? OMG. Trust me, it just looks scary. So the first set up pads that Krys used was a bit too slippery on my skin so we switched to this set. The pads don't touch your eyes, and you don't feel them on your lower lashes - it's really awesome. The medical tape on top holds the lids up, which is great for those with hooded lids. It's a very gentle tape that didn't hurt at all.

The process did take the full two hours (and a little more). So first, your lashes are gently cleaned, and then Krys gets to work. She mentioned "Don't be surprised if you fall asleep." Well, I fell asleep. A few times. It really is relaxing. Each individual lash is separated and a lash extension is lined up and glued on top of the existing lash. You do have to have patience, as you are there for a couple of hours without being able to look at your phone or move around. Krys did offer for me to take a break several times, but I'm stubborn and just wanted to keep going. After the last lash is in place, Krys uses a special mister that allows the glue to dry and fully bond to the lash.

The After

Look at that length!

Can you see the difference? I was shocked at how natural it looked - like I was just wearing mascara. Krys also give you an after care bag that has a wand, cleansing solution, and a couple of doe foot applicators to help remove eye makeup if you choose to wear it. You have to avoid oily eye make up remover so you don't loosen up the adhesive bond.

Overall, I really enjoy the way they look. The first shower was a little difficult because I didn't realize how much I normally rub my eyes in the shower. You have to be careful not to tug, rub, or mess with your eyes to keep the lashes intact. It's best to sleep on a silk pillowcase and not sleep on your stomach to keep your lashes as long as possible. We normally shed our lashes every 2-3 weeks but you don't realize it because they just come off and aren't long and bold. The first morning I noticed I lost a couple of lashes but it's been several days now and I haven't noticed much shedding.

Upkeep and removal
It's recommended that you go in every 2 to 3 weeks for an eyelash fill which can take about an hour. Kiss My Lash charges $70 for a fill and you can book in advance to make sure you're able to get in on a time that works for you. If for some reason, lashes aren't your gig, you can either let them fall out on their own or Krys offers a lash removal appointment which uses a special gel to remove the remaining extensions.

I originally didn't tell people that I got lash extensions to see what the reactions would be. Since I rarely wear makeup to the office, I figured everyone would be on it immediately. It took a couple of days for most people to notice and they just thought I was wearing mascara which is exactly the result I wanted. I didn't want someone to automatically look at me and say "Oh, she's wearing fake lashes." Overall, I'm very happy with how they are and how they are wearing.

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Have you ever had lash extensions before? Let me know in the comments!

Disclosure: The product[s] in this post was [were] provided to me by the company at a discount for consideration.  For more information, please read this post.