Indie Spotlight 2 with Nail It!


So last Saturday was my second Indie Spotlight with Nail It magazine and the post is live now here. If you recall, my last Indie Spotlight was watched by 1,024 people which was so amazing to me. Want to guess how many people tuned in this time?


That's a 53% increase in the last one! I can't help but be super giddy about that. However, for the next Indie Spotlight time frame, I'll be doing a whole IG Story takeover for Nail It with snaps during the night of different brands and what's in my VIP bag that I purchased.

Speaking of Instagram, what do you prefer? Do you like to watch a whole live show for 20-30 minutes or do you prefer just watching snaps at your leisure? Let me know in the comments... I have to say, I don't watch a lot of IG Live unless I really like the account or it's timely... It's been interesting to watch.

So again, I'll be going live on Nail It's Instagram on Saturday, September 23rd for the 3rd ever PolishCon: AFair To Remember, live from Chicago!