Cirque Cerrillos

Nothing To Disclose

After my first Indie Spotlight, Emily suggested that I swatch a Cirque Colors and while I haven't bought from them in awhile, I decided to "shop my stash" as the cool kids say. I only own 3 Cirque polishes right now, all older but I was interested in seeing how well these polishes hold up over time. Today I have Cerrillos from the 2014 Heritage collection. Cerrillos is located in New Mexico accessible from State Highway 14, commonly called Turquoise Trail so this polish is well named.

I used a base coat of Duri Rejuvacote, 2 coats of polish, and finished with Glisten & Glow top coat. The first coat was nicely opaque but I decided to go with two thin coats for consistency and well, habit. It's good to note that this polish dried matte but since I always use top coat, it shined itself right up.

So this is what I'm calling a scattered holographic - that is, the holographic looks like tons of little rainbows all scattered around. Cirque labels this more ofa  green but I felt like it was more blue on my nails. Either way, I was super impressed with how well it's held up the past 3 years.

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