Hair Removal Made Easy with Silk'n!

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It's time for some #MakeupMonday (on a Thursday)! Hair removal has always been an evolving thing in the USA whether you're dare to bare or au naturel. Over the past 20 years, I've changed up my routine in many ways and now Silk'n is here to show me the next in my goals for #InfinitySmooth.

The Infinity is the newest and best hair removal model that Silk'n has made to date. With updated technology, the home pulsed light technology removes hair from below the skin to reduce the hair growth all over the body, while also improving your skin texture. The device comes with 400,000 pulses built into it so you never have to buy a replacement cartridge. 

It comes in this great hard carrying case that keeps all your items together, including the user manual.

While I've tried various methods before (waxing, sugaring, depilatory creams and plain ole shaving), I have not gotten into lasers only because of the cost. While this machine is a commitment, it is way cheaper than my local MediSpa which would charge around $50 to $100 for one body location, and you'd need 6-12 sessions depending on hair growth/color/texture. The numbers can grow fast, especially when you add in travel time, taking time off work or from your weekend to go. 

The Infinity neatly fits in one hand, which is a must for these personal systems. There's one large button on top called the Pulse Button which actually activates the laser.

On the bottom of the device at the top is the Control Button. This turns the machine on and off as well as shows you when the device is ready (green light).

The device has two treatment options - Gliding or Pulsing. The option really belongs to you but it just changes if you're gliding across an area or just triggering a pulse.

There is some prep work involved - you need to make sure your skin is free of all jewelry, shaved, clean, dry and free of any powders, antiperspirants or deodorants. Do not wax, pluck or tweeze your hair out. Also, cover up any tattoos, moles, warts, large freckles and any skin you don't want to be treated. You also need to be mindful of your exposure to the sun. There's more lists of do's and don'ts in the user manual and it's very important to check it out before you use the Silk'n.

Overall I feel that this product is a great at-home way to remove body hair and while full results could take up to 12-18 months, there isn't a "quick" way out when it comes to permanent hair removal but with the Infinity you can make it an affordable option in your own home. I will definitely keep you updated on how my journey is going as I've been wanting to do this for the past 3 years and this is my ticket into permanent results!

You can purchase the Infinity directly through the Silk'n website which includes free shipping and a money back guarantee! Join the social conversation through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest.

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