Ciate London paradise lost

Press Sample

I have fallen for the rose gold hype. I bought a bunch of rose gold earrings this summer, rose gold sunglasses, a rose gold tumbler for my drinks and now Ciate London has a rose gold shade in their SS18 Gelology collection called paradise lost.

I started with Morgan Taylor REACT Max Optical Brightener and two coats of polish. For best results, you should use the Ciate London Gelology top coat but unfortunately I don't have that, so I used Glisten & Glow top coat. I was super impressed with this polish being totally opaque in 2 coats and frankly, being gorgeous. I hadn't seen anything from Ciate in a LONG time (since they moved out of Sephora), and this brand really hadn't been on my radar.

Look at this goodness. It's rose, it's gold, it's metallic, it's shimmer. When you move your hand around, even in low light, you definitely get the two shades which is amazing to me. The shimmer works so that you don't get the brush strokes that you normally see in a metallic but the formula has just enough to it that it's opaque. It was absolutely a mess to remove with shimmer everywhere but a nice hand washing session fixes that.

Ciate London is available in minis and full size in prices ranging from $9 to $17 and may be purchased on their website. Join the social conversation on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube.

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