Tonic Curio

Nothing To Disclose

What is it about Tonic polish that makes me want EVERY SINGLE BOTTLE. Uh, maybe all the amazing pigments inside? Today I have Curio, part of the Unicorn Pee collection. New to unicorn pee? It's a special pigment that flashes from red to green depending on the lighting and angle.

I started with Morgan Taylor REACT Max Optical Brightener and then three thin coats of polish, topped with Glisten & Glow top coat. I may have been able to only use 2 coats for low lighting but I'm glad I went with the full 3.

Look at this pretty thing. You can see my VNL (visible nail line) on some of my nails but I don't mind. I actually wore this polish over Jamberry Red Currant when I went to Las Vegas last month and honestly, the pigment was just swallowed up by the base color. I'm not sure that I'd layer this polish over anything because I do love the purple and red that you see. I couldn't get the green to show up on its own, but when I wore this over Red Currant, the green shift was easily seen under LED lights. This polish is currently out of stock on the website.

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