Glam Polish Secrets In The Sand

Nothing To Disclose

It's been about six weeks since I last put on nail polish. After I found my nail polish spreadsheet had been deleted, I've been in a funk and not wanted to even get to my polish. However, I'm trying to find my passion and love again especially with the holidays and all the parties. Speaking of, I went to my first formal event in nearly 15 years and needed something to punch up my dress.

When I first grabbed for Glam Polish Secrets In The Sand from the Mermaid at Heart collection, I didn't know what to think. This is a mix of pink, purple, green, and blue flakies along with fine holo microglitter. While the base was originally clear, mine has faded to yellow a bit.

Because I wanted it to pop against my dress, I decided to layer two coats of this over a simple black creme (Cult Nails Fetish). I decided to top with Glisten & Glow top coat for shine but I wish I had gone matte to give that suspended fireworks look .

Be gentle, this manicure is already 5 days old. I did get one chip in my Cinderella hand but that's pretty fantastic wear for me.

And for those who are wondering, I'm the one on the right. On the right is our fantastic admin officer at work.

Unfortunately, this polish is no longer carried by Glam.

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