Starrily Light Up The Night

Nothing To Disclose

If you've been following my Instagram, you've noticed that my nails are ridiculously long right now. Like, longer than I've had in years. My favorite manicurist left her salon and I haven't been to her new place (not sure I will) so I just let them grow. Then on Friday, I broke one on my Cindy hand (the hand that does all the work), so I decided before I went for a big chop, I was going to try out all my thermals I've had on my desk. Today is Starrily Light Up The Night, a deep teal blue to nude/shimmer polish.

I started with Morgan Taylor React MAX Optical Brightener and two coats of polish. The website says to use three, but I found that my nails were fine in two. It does dry matte so adding a glossy top coat like Glisten & Glow top coat will bring out the shimmer. I originally wore this polish in January when I had shorter nails and it was freezing in South Texas. The shift was really beautiful especially in the cold.

Like I said, I LOVE the cold state but I'm not the biggest fan of the "warm" state... It's this weird nude tone with some grey and then lots of pink shimmer. It just wasn't what I wanted. If I could have the "cold" state all the time, I'd wear it a lot. This is going to be heading to my sell pile that I'm getting ready - I just have too much to keep a polish that I don't love.

This polish is currently sold out on the Starrily website.

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