Glisten & Glow Lavender Liqueur

Nothing To Disclose

I am definitely a fan of all things purple. I have a purple Keurig. I have a purple star tattoo. I have way more purple polish than I probably should. Today I have Glisten & Glow Lavender Liqueur. This was a limited edition polish that I picked up at PolishCon Chicago 2016 and it's been hiding in a box. As part of my purge, I decided to try it on. This is a light lavender holographic with some silver holo microglitter. I also just had a huge chop so check out the nubbins below!

I started with Morgan Taylor React MAX Optical Brightener, and three coats of polish. I could have gotten away with two but I was going super thin so I did three. I finished it with Glisten & Glow top coat. 

I love this polish. The holo really shines out in the sun but even my light box was able to catch it. It looks both linear and scattered at the same time which is super unique to my collection.

This polish is no longer available for sale.

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