KBShimmer Breaking Blues

Nothing To Disclose

The other day, my awesome son (who turns 4 in May) decided to grab a bottle of nail polish off my desk and paint all over himself, my keyboard, my desk and a bit on the floor. It prompted me to clear off my desk and I realized I have over 50 just cluttering up here so I'm on a mission to get all the polish off my desk. Today I grabbed KBShimmer Breaking Blues which was in a mystery pack that I purchased from their website. This is a periwinkle blue creme.

I started with Morgan Taylor ReactMAX Optical Brightener base coat and used three thin coats of polish. I originally only used two but whn I got my nails under my lightbox, I could see some bald spots. This may have been a reaction to my base coat but I went with a third coat to be safe. I finished the manicure with Glisten & Glow top coat. Application was smooth. The website mentions that there is a funky smell right out of the bottle due to the pigment used but I didn't notice it. It also says that when the polish is dry & top coated, the smell goes away so just a note for y'all!

I like this color - reminds me of one of my favorite gel colors but I'm not finding myself grab for blues too often so this is going on my "sale" shelf. I'm really excited to get all my nail polish organized and put together either in shelves or cabinets but this is the way to do it!

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