Glam Polish ZOOM!

Nothing To Disclose

Why hello friends. If you follow my Facebook, you'll know that unfortunately, we were the victims of a home invasion and they took my camera and computer - two things that are essential in my blogging. (My Helmers were also ruined but that's another story.) The good news is that the majority of our items were recovered including said camera and computer so here I am, trying to find some normalcy in my life again with blogging.

My alma mater had their first home game last weekend and I really wanted some nice blue holo nails to celebrate. I also really wanted to try and wear a polish I hadn't before so reached in my Glam Polish drawer and pulled out ZOOM! from the Knockout Part II collection in 2015. 

I started with Morgan Taylor REACTmax (I finally know how to spell it!) base coat, 2 coats of polish and finished with Glisten & Glow top coat. This is an aqua/turquoise blue with scattered holo.

As you can see, my hands need some work again. My cuticles are overgrown, I went back to super nubbins and I don't have any cuticle oil applied. The last 7 weeks were pretty hard on me and I need to get back to normal. While this is a pretty polish and applied well, it's not the right shade for my alma mater and frankly, I don't know when I'd wear it again on a whim, so it's going in my sale pile.

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