Morgan Taylor A Girl And Her Curls

Press Sample

I'm in the middle of some training for my son's Boy Scout troop and figured I might as well pull out a pretty purple. This is Morgan Taylor A Girl And Her Curls, an eggplant purple shimmer. This is also from the fall 2019 Marilyn Monroe collection. The shimmer is really pretty in the bottle but does it show up on the nail?

I started with Morgan Taylor REACTmax Optical Brightener, 2 coats of polish and finished with cuccio High Gloss Top Coat. I switched up my top coat because my Glisten & Glow is getting a little thick and I need to find my thinner. Plus, I have like 5 bottles of this cuccio top coat and I want to see how it wears on me.

Wow. I'm actually really impressed. While the shimmer looked more silver above in the bottle, on the nail it glows a red purple and really brings a nice dimension to this polish. I can easily see myself wearing this to work even during the spring and summer months!

Morgan Taylor [Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest | YouTube] is available at CosmoProf. Online, non-professionals can purchase Morgan Taylor at Ulta Beauty.

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