Bee's Knees Lacquer You Conjured Me Out of Hope

Nothing To Disclose

As I mentioned before, I was part of two Secret Santa type swaps this holiday season, and in my Instragram swap from Pookie's Polish Swap, I got this amazing Bee's Knees Lacquer called You Conjured Me Out of Hope. This was from a 2022 mystery bag polish that had something called "Ghost Flakes" as well as light reflective glitter. From the maker: "Ghost flakes are the largest particle size of UP (unicorn pee!). They aren't quite as sparkly because they're denser and more flake-like, but they have the same hard color shift. Lastly, these polishes have half the amount of light reflective glitter we have been using so it adds some depth without taking away from the ghost flakes." This is an indigo polish with gold to green ghost flakes and an emerald light reflective glitter.

I started with cuccio Base Coat, 3 coats of polish and finished with cuccio High Gloss top coat. Because of the flakies, the polish dries matte, so the top coat was very needed. I thought this would be more blue on the nail but for me, it was definitely more purple.

This is definitely unique to my collection and I really like that the light reflective glitter doesn't make this polish gritty like I've seen with other brands. I also liked all the ways you could see the colors on your nails. The light reflective glitter wasn't the most prominent but was a great addition.

It appears that this polish is out of production.

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