Bee's Knees Laquer Area 51

I have one more BKL from my last secret swap and today it's Bee's Knees Lacquer (BKL) Area 51. This is a green matte with green shimmer. This is seriously a green grass polish, perfect for St. Patrick's Day.

I started with duri Rujuvacote, 2 coats of polish and because I wanted to keep the matte finish, I didn't use top coat. If I was going to wear this manicure for work, I would have done one coat of top coat and a final coat of polish. Or just use a matte top coat... I just bought a new one from ILNP that will be here soon.

I really like this color! I ended up making one nail glossy later just so I could see the difference and I think it's a great green that I didn't own already. This is going into my collection.

This polish is not available on the BKL website as of press time.

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