Jen & Berries You're Living In A Vacuum

Nothing To Disclose

When I first got this jen & berries You're Living In A Vacuum in my secret swap, I wasn't sure what to make of it. I hadn't heard of the brand before but also in low light, this looked like just another greige polish. This polish was originally released in the Polish Pick Up September 2022 "Scary Vibes" but this bottle is from the July 2023 rewind..

I started with duri Rejuvacote, 3 thin coats of polish and finished with cuccio High Gloss top coat. The first coat was a little thin, and this brush is super wide.

Just wow - not greige here! The smoky grey base is a bit taken over by the blue and purple shimmer but I love it. This is my perfect fall shade and I cannot wait to wear it again. Unfortunately this polish i no longer for sale.

jen & berries may be purchased on their website. Join the social conversation on their Facebook Group and Instagram.