Black Dahlia Lacquer Black Magic

Nothing To Disclose

I've been participating in the Pookie's Polish Swap on Instagram, and in May, I was partnered with wild_moon_lacquer, and she sent me some amazing polishes, including Black Dahlia Lacquer Black Magic, a charcoal black polish with holographic glitter. 

I started with ella + mila Cover Your Bases ridge filling base coat, 2 coats of polish, and 2 coats of cuccio High Gloss Top Coat. Honestly, this is a pretty opaque polish but I went with 2 coats just for full coverage. As for my top coat, I had recently combined two bottles of top coat and they haven't mixed properly so the top coat is a little thick and I just felt I needed two coats to finish the job.

I do like that it's a little more grey than black for the base, as I have a few black polishes already with holographic glitter making this a little different. The brush is super long (think like Sally Hansen Insta-Dri bottles), but just wipe the brush to make sure there's no pooling or drips.

Sadly, it appears that Black Dahlia Lacquer has gone out of business.