Julep Maven

ThePolishAholic has stopped supporting the Julep Maven boxes.  You can read her comments why here.  I have removed the links to her posts since they no longer exist on her blog.

After reading ThePolishAholic's post here on the Julep Maven "beauty editor Sneak Peak Box"*, I knew it was time to bite the bullet and try it myself.  You take a small "quiz" on colors you like, people you relate to (it's not long promise), and will get your "style" persona.  (I was the American Beauty.)

The boxes ship on the 26th of the month, so it will be a bit before I see mine, but it seems like a great program.  The FAQ has a lot of great answers including that you can send your box to a friend free of charge by just changing the address on your account before midnight of the 25th of the month.  You can SKIP a month which hello, that's amazing.  Shipping is always free.  Oh did I mention that it's $40 worth of new, never released, trending polish colors and treatment, current hits and cult favorites but only costs $20?  My friend Karen goes to the actual Julep Parlor for her pedicures and constantly raves about the products so I'm excited to check it out.

Even better, right now, the first 100 people who sign up (according to their Facebook page) can use the code FBMAVEN and get their first month for only $9.99.  I just tried it now and it worked, so if you want to spend $10 and check it out, please do use my referral link* or any referral link you've seen on a blogger's site (like ThePolishAholic - I used her link when I signed up!).  Anyone can get a referral link, and you receive a $15 credit each time someone signs up.

Once I get my box, I'll review it but again, check out the ThePolishAholic to see what was in the August box!

Updated 2 January 2012
*The Julep link is an affiliate link.  If you sign up using this link, I will receive 1 "credit."  After 2 "credits", I receive one free month (only applies if you remain enrolled for 30 days after purchasing your first Maven box).