Lynnderella Connect The Dots

So unless you're a blogger or a frequent blog reader, you may not have heard of Lynnderella before.  She hand mixes custom nail polish creations and when they are available, they are available then only.  This last time that she had a sale, it was $12 a bottle, with a minimum order of 5 bottles.  Gia from Bottles and Bottles of Polish was kind enough to place a large order and ship individually out to each person, so that is how I ended up with this gem - the only one that I knew I HAD TO HAVE.

Connect the Dots is from her Halloween 2010 collection but she brought it back for 2011.  It's a black and white hexagon, square and bar glitter with a slight sparkle in a clear base.

I used the previous day's manicure (China Glaze Rose Tea) and put 2 coats on my pinkie and ring finger, 1 coat on my middle and index finger.  Sealed both with Seche Vite.

I really like the look of just one coat - I tried 2 coats just to see.  On my nail polish stick, I have about 10 coats (I do that) and I just hate the way it looks... with this, less is more.

Shade picture - sometimes the bar glitter wouldn't sit right (as you can see) but you can just push it into place with your brush or a needle.

Finally indoors with the flash.  Very stunning and like Lynnderella has said - it's instant nail art!

For those wondering, this came straight from her blog: 

Lynnderella Lacquers contain cosmetic and other polyester glitters, as well as cosmetic-grade pigments, mica and synthetic mica. There may also be traces of non-B3-free nail polishes used to tint bases. The main ingredient is TKB Glamour Base. Blends may differ from month to month depending on new glitters and ingredients I find for you—they are always evolving and may vary from batch to batch. From the research I have done on glitter, minimum orders from manufacturers are ten pounds per colour and size. If we look at other multi-glitters being sold, it's easy to see that they are less complex than most of the blends offered here. I think that it's unlikely that nail polish manufacturers would be purchasing as many different glitters in ten-pound lots as I am purchasing in smaller amounts from various distributors. Complexity, beauty, colour saturation and luxury are some of the energy ingredients that makes their attitudes unique. Another ingredient is extensive experimentation and research over years. It has been a labour of love that required a significant investment of time and resources. I hope you will all feel that love—and enjoy and luxuriate in it. 

For some amazing Lynnderella swatches, please check out steffel's blog.

Lynnderella is only available through the etailer Llarowe.  Currently, you have to contact Llarowe at the email address in order to get on a shipping list which is sorted in 4 ways, so if you'd like to find out how to order, email that above address.

Lynnderella is available for $15 a bottle.