Glitter Gal Nail Polish Competition

I have not yet tried this Australian brand of holographic and sparkle polishes, but I just might have to after this contest!  Glitter Gal is hosting a re-branding/naming competition (similar to what The Painted Nail is doing), where you offer names, and someone will have their names picked!  Full details are provided in this YouTube video from the owners.

Some highlights:

  • Competition ends 11 November 2011, Australian time, so best to have them in by 9 November just so you don't miss any deadlines!
  • You must email your entries to  Don't forget the "au" part of the email address!  (For security reasons, I have not linked the email address, but you can copy and paste!)
  • The winning entries will receive a full range of the 3D holos and sparkles in the new larger bottles!
  • All judges decisions are final and Glitter Cosmetics retain the sole rights to the winning names.
  • You may enter as many times as you like AND the competition is open to all countries.
  • If 2 people have the same winning name, the person who submitted first is the winner.

I've already sent in my names - I'm not highly creative, but I did have a couple of ones that I considered to be good... and one I named after a dear friend in the UK who would be tickled purple (!) if the name was chosen.  Good luck!

Additionally, if you're in the US and wondering where to buy some Glitter Gal, my friend Kim at OverallBeauty has them!  And some are even on sale!