Forget vampires (for a moment), and let's talk about zombies.  Walking Dead is one of my much-catch shows (despite some of the acting and hilarious memes being created due to the show's awkwardness from time to time) and while I've never done it, I love the Zombie Walk that several cities participate in (San Diego, Austin).

While in college, I worked for my campus newspaper, and our editorial cartoonist was a man named Jeremy Martinez who has decided to continue his artistic abilities beyond the pages of our newspaper.

This past Halloween, he was offering zombie caricatures for $10 digital or $25 for digital and a 11" x 14" print.  (FYI: He's still doing this!)

I told him to basically have free reign on it - I preferred purples and didn't want any cleavage bearing (conversation zombie?) and gave him a few pictures to reference.

So here I am in my zombified glory!

Love it.  Jeremy, thumbs up.  Thanks!

Jeremy's website is My Talking Head and you can also like him on Facebook and follow him on Twitter.    He has another website at Jeremy the Artist which has its own Facebook and Twitter.  All his Zombie creatures can be found on Zombeez Galore (no affiliation with Polish Galore but it's hilarious).  And finally, Jeremy has started creating comics related to the We The People 99 movement (which also has a Facebook page).