NCLA Polish

I have a new line to tell you about today - NCLA, which stands for Nail Couture Los Angeles.  They launched in February of this year with "Nail Wraps" (think Minx, Nail Rock, etc) but now they are launching a complete line of nail lacquers to include an all-in-one base/top coat.  You can find their Nail Wraps in most high end boutiques - Harvey Nichols, Kitson, Fred Segal etc.

NCLA is big 5 free (DBP, Toluene, Formaldehyde, Camphor and Formaldehyde Resin) and does not test on animals.

Here's their own little love letter about their line (I absolutely love about us pages!)

We love Fashion. We adore our nails. Our goal is to effortlessly combine both by creating true, high-end, luxury nail fashion products. For us the perfect outfit starts with your personal style and it ends at right the tip of your fingers. NCLA is born, bred and brewed to perfection in sunny California and fast becoming an LA icon.
What started as a line of exquisitely unique, fashion-inspired, super easy to apply nail wraps, quickly became a new industry standard. All designs are unparalleled, unique and influenced by the cosmopolitan diversity that is our city. Our one-of-a-kind products are sprinkled with a dash of LA style and available to Fashionistas around the world.
Following the success, we launched a luxurious collection of exclusive nail lacquers. And just as we like to - or at least try to - take care of the rest of our bodies, here is a guarantee: All our top of the line color formulas are 5 Free. No harmful carcinogens such as DBP, Toluene, Formaldehyde or Camphor. And nothing is tested on animals. Ever!
We offer the ultimate in nail fashion accessories. Whether you choose our amazingly easy to wear nail wraps or lavishly high-end nail lacquers, your style deserves an immaculate finish!
We want to share a little bit of LA love and sunshine with every woman - no matter where!
xoxo, NCLA Loves You!
Need a breakdown of their new "LA Collection" colors?  Here ya go!  (Please click to see a much higher res image!)

Hollywood and Vine Starlet
If you ever went out in Hollywood, you most likely know this intersection. And if you’ve ever been there, then you know exactly why we named this ultra rich black with silver glitter. Oh yeah, in case if you haven’t visited, you must come one day! Long live Hollywood!

Downtown Dollface
Tall buildings, big business, edgy fashion and one color that matches is all. Whether you’re having a rooftop lunch or aim to impress in the board-room, this easy to wear light grey crème color will go anywhere.

LAX Jet Setter
While looking up into the bright blue LA sky, we saw a sparkling, shimmering plane reflecting the sunlight while speeding through the open sky. This space metallic silver is definitely First Class!

Bel-Air Trophy Wife
A walk-in closet that you can get lost in, a crystal clear infinity pool to relax and a shiny new convertible in front of the well manicured lawn. And to top it all off, this brand new luxury color! A lush, bronze metallic gold. Without any question, life is grand!

Mulholland Maneater
There is something mysterious about Mullholland Drive. Sneaking its’ way along the spine of the Hills, you can see the never-ending ocean of city lights to both sides, huge gated mansions and a dangerously curvy road that bisects the mountains. Opulent, rich, dark purple, hitting the nail on the head!

Venice Beach Vixen
Full of eccentric energy, expressions of individuality, striving on non-conformity and floating in an ocean of blue. Welcome to Venice Beach. To stand out here, you need something with a little extra pop. Et voila: Our electric blue crème kicks ass!

Rodeo Drive Royalty
Shopping, lunches, spas and pampering. One thing is for sure: No work today! This lavish, dark cran-apple color not only fits right in, it will make heads spin.

Rush Hour
Only in LA. It drives you mad, it drives you crazy, it makes you want to scream! But in the end, the sun sets in a fiery red ball into the ocean, all is peaceful and you just can’t help but love it! Here is a luxuriously rich, loud, bright crimson red crème, what else?

West Hollywood It-Girl
Party, party and another party. Then a quick change of outfits and now this striking burgundy cherry glitter is really happening. On to the next one! It’s not your fault that you’re so popular!

Malibu Beach Babe
Well, driving along Pacific Coast Highway, breathing the fresh ocean air, watching the waves crash on one side and having lush mountains as a backdrop on the other, we kind of understand why people are living it up here. This ultra light and creamy turquoise sums the whole scenery up pretty well.

Beverly Hills Bunny
90210. The most famous zip code on the planet. A deep perfect hot pink, here is our take on the most popular nail color in history. Today, let’s paint the city pink!

Like…Totally Valley Girl
Spoiled like a princess, a no limit black card in your new IT-purse and High School just never ends! Yeah, don’t we all just want to be daddy’s little girl forever? Quintessentially California! Live the dream with this perfectly smooth pink crème. So cute!

Poolside Party, All Eyes On Me!
Summer is in the air. You can smell the heat, see people smile everywhere and you sooo can’t wait for Sunday afternoon. Whether it is a rooftop pool with all the movers and shakers, lounging with friends in the backyard or just strolling to watch the sun set, glorious summer is here. All year long! Lovely rich and bright peach crème, here you go!

Pick Me Up At Melrose Place
Hip stores, high-end restaurants and hot summer nights. A lot is happening around Melrose. And a lot more with the rich bright purple that screams just loud enough for the right kind of attention. 

Santa Monica Shore Thing
Bright white beaches, streaks of sun-bleached blond, brown tan bodies and a clear, cool ocean breeze. Yes please! Seriously, this minty green crème has the potential of a mild obsession in the making.

Hollywood Hills Hot Number
The big full moon, sparkling like a disco ball over the city that is wrapped in a warm and comfortable evening breeze. The night filled with excitement and anticipation. You are lighting up the room as soon as the door opens. Glasses drop. The champagne bottles pop. Here is a large flake multi color glitter that is special. Just like you!  Can also be worn over our nail wraps for some extra credit!

Miss Sunset Strip
Your little black dress: absolutely flawless. Your six inch heels: sharp enough to cut through the velvet rope. You don’t spread gossip. You’re it! Flaunt in the flashing lights with this thick large flake purple glitter.
Can also be worn over our nail wraps for an extra bang!

Our superlative All-In-One Base/ Top Coat for that perfect high-gloss finish. It collaborates utterly well with our nail wraps or as an All-In-One with nail lacquer. Prepares nail surface for best possible adhesion and lacquer application. Plus it has the characteristics of a really high-shine top-coat.
Trust us, you will absolutely love this.

So now you know who they are and what they have - now where to find them?  They are launching today in top stores and department stores.  They retain for $16.00 each.  You can purchase their Nail Wraps from their website as well.  For more ways to connect, you can follow their Twitter, like them on Facebook, and even follow them on Tumblr!