JENsations Shooting Star

The other JENsations purchase I made was for this beauty - Shooting Star.  The item description is "silver holographic star bar glitter" but I am really not wanting to call this holographic anymore - I almost want to call it rainbow, because it's reflective of rainbow colors.  I think holographic needs to be a reserved term now a days.  I don't know.  Sound off in the comments.

I decided to layer this over my existing Style Icon manicure because I wanted to see this over a red.  I should have picked a different red, I think but this works.  This is one coat of Shooting Star topped with Cult Nails Wicked Fast.  This polish is MUCH easier to brush on and while I still had to fish a bit for the stars, I was able to get them out of the bottle without too much effort.

The bar glitter is so iffy for me.  I like the way it looks but at the same time, I have trouble making it lay flat on my nails from time to time.  I had to use nail clippers to cut back some of the glitter that wouldn't lay down.

I actually ended up using this polish for an accent nail for my Election Day polish.  (For those still following it, I lost my local election.  I only received 36% of the vote to the incumbent.)

Very pretty - and I'm sure more coats would have made this more opaque but I was just looking for a little pizzazz to my manicure - not a glitter war.

I purchased my bottle in August for $7.50 but it appears her prices have gone up slightly.

JENsations [EtsyFacebook | Personal Blog] is available through her Etsy store for either $8 or $8.25 a bottle.  She also creates custom orders for $9.00 a bottle + $0.20 listing fee.  She ships both domestically and internationally and is currently offering a Holiday Sale for orders over $50.