Digital Nails - Brand Overview

Earlier this month, I was wandering Etsy and found a new shop that I'm now obsessed with. Now, it's partly because her labels are ridiculously cute, she's a fellow Texan, and her polishes are fantastic.  Her name is Raphaelle and the shop is called Digital Nails.

Here's a little more about her:

Digital Nails was founded in January of 2012 in Austin TX, after spending months creating custom polishes for myself and friends. I really got into nail polish a few years prior, and was extremely frustrated that a lot of the polishes I loved the most were either discontinued or perpetually sold out. Having a background in art & a passion for learning, I ordered some supplies and spent all of my free time creating what I couldn't purchase, eventually leading to creating brand new polishes that were expressions or literal translations of things that I love. I wanted to translate the geek cultures that I most identified with into a physical thing that I could wear, expressing my enthusiasm in a way that I could share with others. My experience as an artist taught me that it's not about throwing a bunch of pretty glitters together in a bottle, It's about expressing emotion through the use of color and light. - Raphaelle Yax

Her polishes range in the $10-$13 price except for the cuticle oil which was only $5.50.

The polishes come in 15 ml bottles (same as China Glaze) and are big 3 free.

Plus, how awesome is it that she packs her boxes with crinkle cut paper?  (And the Yay, glitter! on the package cracks me up.)

Do go to her shop and look around. I'm already planning my second purchase!

Digital Nails [Facebook | Twitter] is sold exclusively on Etsy