Katie Cazorla Color Flash Instant Gel Nail

In February, I told you about Katie Cazorla, owner of The Painted Nail salon in California, and how she had created a new system called the Color Flash. What I didn't know at the time was that Katie was rebranding as well under her own name and officially closed The Painted Nail to work solely on this new endeavor! 

The Color Flash Instant Gel Nail Color launched last night at midnight CDT on Shop NBC (Channel 73 on DirecTV) and is airing again several times today. I fell asleep last night during the first airing but was able to record it so I can watch Katie because she's one hilarious lady.
Myself, Katie and Judy from BeautyJudy at Cosmoprof North America 2012.

Color Flash - think salon quality but at home. Think gel but only one step. Think instant removal but no acetone. Mind blown yet?

Image from ShopNBC

Here are the two different lamps. The smaller LED POD is perfect for travel and charges via USB - perfect for the on the go woman like Katie.  Because it's LED, the cure time is 60 seconds. The LED POD sells for $39.50 at ShopNBC.

Image from ShopNBC

The larger LED lamp is only available as part of the ShopNBC Color Flash Nine-Piece system. Normal price for the nine-piece system is $108 but today they are having a special 17% off for $89.27.  This includes the LED Lamp (with 12V 0.5A AC adapter), three colors (Perfect Nude, Bordeaux and Classic Red - 0.28 oz each), a buffing block, a nail file, a metal cuticle pusher, "Gone in a Flash Remover Gel" (2.11 oz) and three removal wrap packs (10 wraps in each pack).

Currently, the colors are only available on the ShopNBC website. She has 6 duo sets (0.28 oz each) for $28.00. Unlike gel, Katie's system is an all in one bottle. No base coat, no top coat.  Prep your nail, add one coat of color, cure for 60 seconds (the light automatically shuts off after 60 seconds), then add a second coat and cure for 30 seconds (you'll have to manually time that one out). Then you're done! No sticky layer to remove, no wait time.

Katie says this will last 10-14 days but if you want to change out, removal is easy. Gentle break the seal using the nail buffer, apply her "Gone In A Flash" remover gel to each nail and cover with the foil wraps. Let sit for 5 minutes and the color will flake off. Use an orange stick to remove any left overs.

Please note that all links in this posting are straight from ShopNBC. I was not paid to post the links, nor are they affiliate so I will not receive any kind of compensation if you click on them.  The pricing is special for today, and I do not know how long it will be available.  I believe Katie is planning to eventually sell the product on her website along with other products, but that has not been confirmed yet.

If you're looking for salon quality without having to go to the salon, I would take the chance and invest in this kit. Katie is very dedicated on only putting out quality product that is practical in today's world and market.  Congratulations Katie!