LAYLAPRO - The evolution of Beauty

After 70 years of colours and success, Layla Cosmetics launches a new selective and professional brand of make-up and nail polish. With this choice Layla is now able to cover the 100% of the market requests.

LaylaPro is an exclusive Nail & Make Up range conceived to embrace the most high expectations . Forged with and unmistakeble Italian fashion style and upmost quality. Designed and formulated to be a partner for the most trend setting make up artists.

Produced to satisfy the higher quality requests of the professional and selective market, and wrapped in a an elegant packaging.  The needs  of both the professional and selective markets have been addressed in the formulations and merchandising materials.

An avantgarde make up, fused  with a high percentage of active principles as tripeptide GHK (a mascara additive with lenghtening properties) and  Physalis Angulata (an anti oxidant present in the majority of LaylaPro face products) and exceptional, pure pigments.

Formulations that in the hands of  the most advanced make up professionals will produce incredibly natural to outrages scenographic  results. 

Nails are a must in this new project
Layla Pro presented in an 17ml exclusive format and moulded glass   . The highest quality and purest pigments ever presented on the nail make up market. Trendy fashionable colours for every feminine demand and all 4 Big Free, never staining nails yellow and eliminating any need to use a base coat.

We are excited to introduce for the first time ever the new Layla Pro Nail and Make-Up line during the Make –Up Show in New York, and our first Spring Summer Collection
Summerdream…. A colourful collection of golden primers, purple grape and  pink shadows and  – ready to be kissed- lips-

A new Layla Project.

LaylaPro…where professional meets retail.