CPNALV 2013: China Glaze Gelaze

When I first made my appointment to meet with China Glaze this year, I was told that they had something so awesome it was going to make me giddy. Now, we all know that China Glaze has had issues with people leaking their information, both domestically and internationally, so I was skeptical until I saw the China Glaze instagram on Sunday morning and literally responded with WHAT IS THIS.

Meet the newest revolution of China Glaze - Gelaze. But with an accent mark on the a. I'm sure I could find the hot key to make the ' but for now, pretend or use a Sharpie on your monitor. (Don't use a Sharpie.)

Gelaze is a 100% gel with a base coat built in. The bottle is powder coated in the actual shade so you know exactly what you're getting. China Glaze took the top 36 selling shade including Ruby Pumps and Fairy Dust, and created this new gel system

To use, prep and shape the nail as normal, then use one thin coat. Cure for 30 seconds in an LED lamp or 60 seconds in a UV lamp. Remove the tacky layer that remains with a lint free square pad soaked in Isopropyl Alcohol. Then add a second thin coat of gel, cure in the lamp again (30 sec LED/60 sec UV) and remove that tacky layer are you're done.  The Gelaze top coat is optional but cure times are the same.

When it's time to remove the Gelaze, you'd break the seal with a nail file, wrap the nail with a cotton pad soaked in acetone and wait for the gel to break down.

Gelaze also has 3 treatments available as a base coat for those who are needing to work on the integrity of the nails. They are Therapy, Foundation and Maintenance.

China Glaze is coming out with their own LED lamp for your convenience to use with the system as well.

Gelaze will be available at Sally's Beauty in late October, early November. The line will include a 0.5 fl oz bottle for professionals that cost $14 and a 0.33 fl oz "mini" bottle for consumers that cost $12.

When more information become available, it will be posted! Happy polishing!