CPNALV 2013: NCLA Fall 2013

My first stop at Cosmoprof North America Las Vegas 2013 was purely by accident. I was going to meet with NCLA later that day but their booth was conveniently located next to my first appointment so I decided to stop in and say hi! First off, it's NCLA, all caps. That part made me happy to know I've been (sometimes) writing it properly.

First off, how cute is this retail display for NCLA? While they are looking to tweak the design a little, I was pretty obsessed with it - even asking what the cost was because I thought "How cool would this look in my home?"
Seriously, I think I need to just buy one and display. The only problem is that they sit 3 deep and I'd rather all my pretty polishes showed through so maybe I need to just keep expanding on this idea.

This fall, NCLA is coming out with a new 4 piece collection titled North of Sunset, which is another tribute to living in LA.
  • Dead End Gorgeous - a vampy navy with purple and blue microglitter
  • Lauren Canyon Lolita - I have no idea what color this is because while it looks light purple in that bottle, my paper swatch was more mauve. You'll just have to wait for the official press release on this one!
  • My Dad Invented That! - mind you, I was disappointed when I was told that Elin's dad didn't invent this polish. But it's a beautiful multiglitter in a gunmetal grey base.
  • My Spa Comes To Me - a khaki creme.

More information including shipping should be available at the end of August.

NCLA has also been known for their nail wraps. They have many successful lines and partnerships, including one that was awesome but I wasn't allowed to photograph (or talk about).

One that I can talk about is the Clueless inspired wraps!
The first plays homage to Cher's closet and the matchmaking tool. The second is based loosely off Cher and Dee's outfit. The third is a cute play on the scene where Cher gets her driver's license. Finally, the fourth wrap you see is a first for NCLA - it's the first all words based wrap! There are many cute sayings like "As If" and "Whatever". These will be available in September.

On the bottom rack, we have the new Transparent Nail Wraps, also launching in September. You can wear them alone or over a colored polish. They have quirky designs like naught and nice, hair, and faces.

Finally, when I get home, I'm going to an official wear test for their new Flawless top coat. I have it at home - I just need to test out the NCLA system - Gloss It, color and Flawless. NCLA says they get an easy 7 day wear with no chips, dents, tip wear. So I will give it the old college try.

NCLA [Website] [Facebook] [Twitter] [Tumblr] [Pinterest] [Instagram] is available on the website for $16.00 a bottle and in a variety of stores.