CPNALV 2013: China Glaze Ombre - Part 2!

The last thing from China Glaze that I'm able to talk about right now are the new China Glaze Ombre sets. China Glaze had seen a good response from the first three sets that were Sally's Beauty Supply exclusive. If you recall, I reviewed the Wait Teal You See! in March. (Don't remember? Click here.)

The four new Ombre sets will be coming out next month, but some keen readers have already spotted it in their local beauty supply stores. Not only are there more sets, but it's no longer a Sally's exclusive, so you may be able to find them in your favorite China Glaze spot.

I had to compliment the ladies of China Glaze on the "blogger pose" because I really liked the organic feel, and they were really giddy... like they had done well.  And they have done well. I did mention that I hated the hexagonal sponge because if you have wide nail beds, then you end up wasting so much of the sponge per finger. It was good feedback from them. I'm still totally on board with the Ombre sets because you get 4 polishes for ~$13. 

The embargoed stuff is equally cool.  Just saying.

Happy polishing!