#31DC2013 Day 1: Red Nails

Let me start by saying I got overambitious.

The first of the #31DC2013 is "Red Nails." I was thinking "Hey, I'll be cool - just paint my nails red." I'm still weaning into nail art, trying to stay cool about it all. But then I just got overly excited and was like "DO ALL THINGS."

I started with a base of Cult Nails Get It On. I always wear base coat, even if I'm wearing nothing else that day.  It helps protect my nails and they always look healthy.  (Note I said look, hah.)

Then I put on one coat of Layla Softouch 7 Queen Bourdeaux. This is a lovely firey red that dries to a matte look but as with all Layla Softouch polishes, a top coat will not make it shiny.

But then I was like - I need nail art. I grabbed my striping tape and made a couple of lines, and then a couple more and was like "HAH I made a hashtag."  I painted over my nail with Zoya Bobbi and then pulled the tape off.

Mistake #1: Not waiting long enough to pull the tape off.

So a little came off with the tape and then I realize my hashtag was off centered of the nail.  I used my top coat from Digital Nails hilariously nailed "Ain't Nobody Got Time For That" and looked back at my hands and said...


Back when I was really interested in making a custom rhinestone iPod case (ahem), I figured out that I could buy tons of rhinestones super cheap on eBay. So I did. And they have sat on my desk ever since.  I have literally only used them once

So back to the beginning. I got overambitious.  I also am using my really big DSLR to take photos, and since I haven't been blogging lately, it felt really bulky in my hands and then I couldn't get the right lighting.

Have you figured out that I'm stalling before showing you pictures? Then again, most people skip the writing and go straight FOR the pictures so without any more rambling.

Day 1.

Ta da. Or something. Well - challenges are all about improvement, so here's to improvement!

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