Digital Nails Ain't Nobody Got Time For That

Did you hear that some photography I did ended up in Nail It magazine? And one of those photos was a bottle of Digital Nails polish? Well, now you know. And it made me feel like a rockstar.

Prior to that, I decided to place another order from Digital Nails and she added in a bottle of Ain't nobody got time for that, her new ultra fast drying top coat. This is a big 3 free top coat that also doubles as a glitter smoother - it's not as thick as Lynnderella Glitter Tamer, but thicker than Seche Vite.

I used it over my Essie Sunday Funday manicure but have also used it over other manicures and I'm happy to report that it does dry fast - not as fast as Cult Nails Wicked Fast but faster than Seche Vite. And I haven't had any problems with shrinkage.

Digital Nails is currently restocking Ain't nobody got time for that but there are a few bottles in her Etsy shop now. You really need to buy this because HELLO IT WORKS and more so because the cost?!  It's only $6 for a 13mL bottle.  SIX DOLLARS. Uh, I have time for that.  If you miss out on this stock, more will be coming on Friday, 9/13. (I ended up buying another bottle... and uh 4 more polishes from Digital Nails last night.)

Digital Nails [Facebook | Twitter] is sold exclusively on Etsy

Disclosure: The product[s] in this post was [were] provided to me by the company for consideration.  For more information, please read this post.