Cult Nails Casual Elegance Collection

Ever since Maria at Cult Nails posted this teaser on her Facebook

I've been like this.

And now I have this!

Set your alarm, because the Casual Elegance Collection will be for sale starting Wednesday, March 19 at midnight Eastern Time.

We've created another 3 piece set for March 2014.  The collection is made up of 3 Limited Edition colors (left to right: Intriguing, Winter's Light, and Casual Elegance).  The collection will sell during pre-sale for $24.00.  Any remaining stock will be available for individual sale following the pre-sale period.  Pre-sales will begin March 19th and end April 2.  A 2 week window to secure your set at the discounted price.  Following pre-sales, remaining stock will be available for $12-$14 per polish.  
Swatches will be available, soon, on the Cult Nails Facebook Page, as well as our Instagram and Twitter feeds; so stay tuned to make sure you don't miss out!  Also, we'll be posting swatches as our blogger reviews start coming in!  


  1. I'm so excited for these!!! I haven't purchased cult nails in a few years, not sure why lol

  2. Yes, shut up and take my money!! :D

  3. GIRL! You didn't hit the $3 sale the other week?

  4. I love your avatar so much. Have you purchased yet? This morning they were already down to less than half!

  5. No :( I meant to and forgot to shop their website when I got back on my computer.

  6. Thank you about the avatar, I just found it online somewhere, wish I knew who created it :)

    So glad you reminded me about this!! I just placed my order. Thanks for the reminder!! :)