JulieG Cruise Collection on Groupon!

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YAY! I had a little birdie tell me that the new JulieG Cruise collection was going to be on Groupon and now here they are!  For the next week, you can purchase all 6, SHIPPED (in the USA) for $12.99. That's a fantastic deal.

Edit: Yesterday when I went to check out, the price was $12.99 with free shipping. This morning, I was shown shipping was $2.99 but no tax. Right now I was showing shipping of $2.99 and tax of 99 cents. So it's not $12.99 shipped - there is shipping and tax based on your location.

The fantastically love Leslie from work/play/polish provided all the swatches and a review on her blog - in case you wanted to see more but don't let this deal sell out before you get yours!

The Groupon Link is my affiliate link where I will earn $10 in "Groupon Bucks" if you click my link, subscribe to Groupon and make your first purchase.


  1. Hi,
    I am a member and got this. There is tax and shipping. Total was $16.97. Thanks for the heads up!

  2. How bizarre. Last night mine said free shipping. This morning it says $2.99 shipping. I don't have tax (located in Texas) so that may vary from state to state.

  3. And now there is tax. RAWR! I've edited my original posting.

  4. LOL!! I am Abilene, TX! Hi neighbor! And yes, the blasted thing charged me tax too, but hey $16.97 for the whole collection is a fabulous buy! Especially since nobody in this one horse town carries this brand or Jessica which I love. I buy Jessica on ebay or online and for a budget line I sometimes get better wear, self leveling etc. than expensive polishes. So I am anxious to try these. Now if I could just make my hands, nails and cuticles look like work/play/polish! That girl is a freak of nature! Y'all have beautiful hands and nails. I have short fat stubby little (what look like) man hands! But they look better with polish! LOL

  5. Ooh I know the feeling. I LOVE work/play/polish! We are sharing a hotel room together this summer. Party ALL the time. ^_^